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Our Wines

Piedmontese Wines - Masters of tradition

Grape harvesting

Harvesting is done manually, in plastic boxes, so as to eliminate imperfect parts and keep the bunch as intact as possible, preventing it from being subjected to too much impact during transport.

Grapes harvested and selected manually
Like once upon a time


Vinification is a process in which we try to process the grapes harvested to obtain a high quality wine, taking great care of details during processing; the rest of the processes is a family secret.

From generation to generation
Attention to detail

Aging barrel

Aging barrel is used to bring about maturation after the alcoholic fermentation is completed and, in this more or less long period, it changes the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, transforming it into a high quality product.

We also produce superior wines
At least 1 year in barrel


The wines produced, after accurate analysis, are bottled. The bottles are stored underground where the temperature remains more constant, and where the wine continues its process of organoleptic evolution.

The wine is subjected to accurate analyses
In the cellar, the temperature and humidity are under control

Our Cellar

The place where the bottles and wine are stored, preferably located underground; the temperature is between 6° C and 16° C while the humidity is around 85%.